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Born Rich Documentary

Business, Social|06 Nov, 2012|230 Comments |
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Rating: 3.5/5 (21 votes cast)

Slightly bland and a little boring, this documentary is nonetheless an interesting look into the lives and attitudes of the children of some of the richest people in the world.

This documentary was produced by the Heir of the Johnson & Johnson fortune and features some of the most high profile “rich kids”. To be honest, I think I sympathize with some of them.

On a final note, I think that this documentary was more of an attempt to brush off the “spoilt little rich kid” stigma from the producer.

Born Rich Documentary, 3.5 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
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  1. 1willscan says:

    yeah,you all feel real baaaad about inheriting ill gotten me i’ll give you a magic bank number that will free you from your burden. rich guilt?i smell the anti christ ,evil playing the angel of light.May i suggest RON PAUL.-

  2. Devellish says:

    @NYyankeeboi Being poor doesn’t bring happiness either. Studies show that money GIVEN doesn’t make people happy, money EARNED does. And like everyone else says: It is better to cry on a cruise ship rather than in a dumpster.

  3. SuperVondi says:

    i’ve met a lot of “born rich” kids working in los angeles at a job that required building expensive (hundreds of thousands of $ range) home systems. Saw their homes, saw them when they came home etc…they’re just like everyone else but more miserable usually.

  4. BluesHarp60 says:


  5. MrHeysoda says:

    Great Job Jamie!!!! ich or Broke…Life is a Challenge. I say Enjoy your journey!!!! LQQks like your on the right path!!! Hope you and your friend were able to make ammends. God Bless you and your family!!!! Jesus is lord

  6. Avawill3 says:

    I think Jamie Johnson is pretty courageous to direct/produce this film. In his own world, he took a lot of chances, and I think that’s cool. Johnson has given people not of the uber-rich lifestyle a glimpse into the lifestyles of these truly rich young people. I certainly respect Jamie Johnson for having the idea, and following through, even though in interviews he stated that even his own father questioned and criticized him for making it.

  7. JB says:

    okay, though it was interesting, nothing could really be full out discussed. I feel like some of them lied and you can tell when they do. One of the guys discussed guilt. Saying it was not for him to feel guilt, really? He sounded pretentious about it. I mean its good if your not guilty for being rich, but he basically says he will not be guilty for anything at all. That guy needs a personality makeover, what an ugly attitude he has. Although, I feel he was being entirely honest which brought a little bit of controversy into the otherwise, sob story rich kid documentary.

  8. Mike says:

    Just watched this on and wonder why would anyone feel sorry for any
    of them outside of their family and friends? it was a nice little reality documentary and
    should be left at that. The red headed chain smoker turned around and sued Johnson
    which was not very nice, but he seemed like a jerk and lived up to it all the way.

  9. tura says:

    Great documentary. Although different in being rich, these young people are just starting to find their own way – so of course they will project a range of ideas- some immature and some not – just like any other group of 20-21 year olds. This really helped to humanize them. It would be fun to see how they transform when they reach age 30.

    Even on a bad day, a low-income worker in the US still has an average income many times higher than people in many other parts of the world. So, if a viewer has negative feelings toward the any of the people in the movie, and their attitudes and spending priorities, just remember that it probably also applies to us too.

  10. sheila says:

    I got this (if that makes sense) And I wish them all the best (yes even the obvious a_ _holes) I hope they all find what they are looking for, and the ones who aren’t looking for anything except the next suit or bag….. well lets hope they can always afford to do that as well. This was interesting and a bit sad. And I believe this was real.

  11. MeyVoo says:

    I think Luke, Si, and Ivanka were the most interesting and grounded people in the video. Eveyone else just seemed really boring, depressed, or just plain out weird.

    I can’t say I learned or gained anything from watching this documentary. *blank stare*

  12. Ndea Monk says:

    @Afnan. Everything is relative. For instance: American Ghettos would be considered Middle Class. With that said, “It would be a rare thing for a person in Africa to be overly concerned about feeling un-accomplished in life if they do not drive a BMW one day. Basic needs are all the universe provides…the human mind created the rest.

  13. wayne says:

    Through the entire film they are trying to either deal with their own percieved faults or those of their forefathers. This may be the very reason that today we have the affuient voting for the canidates of the not so well to do. They rebell in their way against wealth but they will never give it up.Hell would you? Though my time on this earth is short I think that they are torn between feeling and what their group says they are. Your wealth doesnt measure your worth nor does your poverty. At one point a member of the film said that someone had asked them how it was to live with no pain. They replied that that was rather ignorent of them. In fact that wasnt, he was asking how it was to not want for anything. Many people deal with pain in their daily jobs. I am not really sure of what I am posting but if it helps anyone who may of been in the film help those who are not as fortunate as you, perhaps that is your job.

  14. heylel shalem says:

    these people are seperated from reality to such a degree..due to their insulation from a lot of the crueltys of poverty. much the same though..the more the rich have as far as money ..the less the rest of us get to live with. there is only so much money in the system and the majority of us are forced to live without. so while you watch this feast, remember the vast majority of us are starving.

  15. Lauren says:

    @Afnan: Rich people have bigger problems? Perhaps they live under that delusion, but from an objective point of view… starving is worse that having your family name smeared in newspapers.

    Not to say that rich people can’t experience suffering, but not being able to meet your basic needs is more significant. Try laying off the self-indulgence.

  16. Emily says:

    Why was this called bland and boring? I found it very interesting. I remember from college that the secretly very rich were nicer people than the boastful almost rich or the social climbing rich, or the money envious whose ambition in school was to learn to become rich. The ones who talked most about money WERE vulgar. But that doesn’t mean the rich should have to live in a small closet like homosexuals of the nineteen fifties. I”m glad to see them able to come out.

  17. Emily says:

    Good to see rich people portrayed as human beings.

    Best part was the kid who said “working hard makes me feel good”.

    Most horrifying part was that a kid can act out, push the limits, and still get a degree from Brown. He has every right to be angry, because his diploma says his money is worth more than his mind. In a sense, they neglected his education because his family is rich. Unforgivable.

    If you liked it, see the Hugh Grant movie, About a Boy.

  18. Kurt says:

    I enjoyed the last five minutes the most. I have more respect for the the guy who made this film by watching the last five minutes than the rest of the film altogether.

    Neat little project. Interesting views from some of those rich kids.

  19. Afnan says:

    Just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they have no character; in fact, they develop more than most people ever will just witnessing the idiocy most of these comments contain. Pity? Note that as rich as someone is, they have that much more problems, with higher stakes. No character? Please.

  20. Cara Gilmet says:

    I also feel sorry for these kids. To never struggle and know what it feels like to do so. This creates character in people. These children are born with their character already expected. Pity really, not to have the freedom of being your own person.

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  22. Marlene says:

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