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Bill Hicks – Its Just A Ride

Comedy, Political|30 May, 2012|34 Comments |
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The life and times of Bill Hicks, the man behind the laughter and his political and world views that started a revolution of thinkers.

Bill Hicks - Its Just A Ride, 3.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Rebazar says:

    The argument being made by Hicks and others is that it doesn’t HAVE to be “moving a hole around”, that we have the resources to feed and clothe people ALREADY but are squandering them on fool’s errands such as the “war” on drugs. Grossly inefficient military spending is another frequent target. One recent example is the F-35 program, rife with technical problems and currently slated to cost the US $395 billion (double what was originally projected and the most expensive US defense project EVER).

  2. NoKturnalX7 says:

    Ok the point is so simple. How do you not get it? We have more than enough for everyone on this earth to live happy lives. But we don’t allow it because of war and because of greed. It’s immoral. Those people have nothing because of us

  3. giorgiomx says:

    A human can’t progress without a society, a society needs organization to create progress, freedom comes with limitations & Countries are part of organization.I’m not asking why give help and compassion, I’m ok with that. What they mean with feed and cloth the poor of the world?, for a week? for 6 months?, doesn’t seem a little help, it literally means a whole population working for other population, just moving the hole to other place. The need of the world should be treated by the whole world.

  4. Rebazar says:

    When you look beyond the particulars of language, country, and all the other ways through which we segregate ourselves as a species, what you’re left with is human beings. We are all kin in that we are all human, with a regretfully short amount of time to spend on this planet.That you ask “why” we should extend such compassion to other human beings that reside outside of your own country shows where the problem lies. This is one of many insights which Bill was kind enough to share.

  5. mclovin14141 says:

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  6. giorgiomx says:

    But I don’t get the “we could have fed and cloth all the poor in the world” argument, why the people of a country should work to feed and cloth the rest of world for free?, I don’t get it, not that we should work to bomb the world either our course.

  7. megalman1 says:

    At least Bill was friends with Letterman until the douchebag fucked him over. I’ve never seen him refer to Leno in any positive light….with good reason. I mean, he did jokes about Leno killing himself over doritos commercials.Imagine a world with Leno dead in 93 and a currently living Bill Hicks.

  8. How come you have fonys talking about fucking Bill Hicks, Fuck JayLeno and Letterman

  9. the greatest comic ever.

  10. Ioulum says:

    Nope he was one of a kind, same with Carlin.

  11. ACIDRAIN139 says:

    It was me…. I was too stoned sorry…. for the record I love Bill

  12. Nahhh , just a drunk ,YouTube has put the icons to close together.No blame should be laid as blame can only be layed on the sane.

  13. Pure honesty.Bill Hicks , the master of truth.No beating around the bush.Comedy , sure , but the message is resounding.He had it all right.

  14. 1 Dislike? Did someone let Denis Leary in here?

  15. ces arent says:


  16. crespossss says:

    i don’t doubt that man…the only thing i doubt is if the most people who leave in the place called america have learned anything by him..seriously…

  17. pigeonpsycho says:

    I wonder what he would have thought about 9/11

  18. hicks was a masterclass in passionate, intelligent comedy. he crafted his fury into grotesque masterpieces. the satanic-pornographic imagery is devastating and he saved it for the most mediocre cultural things and figures which dumb down the status quo. he was right on so many counts.

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