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Ben Diary of a Heroin Addict from Olly Lambert on Vimeo.

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Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict

Drugs|17 Nov, 2012|3 Comments |
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Ben: Diary of A Heroin Addict is a documentary film that charts the life of Ben Rogers who became a victim of heroin. Ben Rogers was expected to make a successful life. He was raised in a quiet, picturesque village. He grew up being a Boy Scout, loved cricket, played in the school orchestra and looked forward to the annual family holiday. However the decent upbringing did not translate to a good start in life.  Ben found himself on the road to ruin. He began taking drugs and used to inject heroin up to four times a day. During his last months, Ben kept a video diary of his drug use and desperate attempts to come off heroin.

The film exposes his lies and manipulations told to his mother Anne. He would be taking the drug while lying to his smother about making a new start. The film shows Annes anger and pain Ben loses his fight against the drugs. It shows his father Mikes unconditional love which continues undiminished as they are forced to deal with their sons addiction.

The drug completely destroyed Ben’s body. He developed DVT and his veins were rendered so useless he had to inject into his groin. Director Olly Lambert comments: It’s incredibly rare to come across such raw and unflinching footage of a man so close to an abyss.

The film attempts to give people a visceral understanding of the nature of addiction. The filmmaker claims that it was a privilege to try and unpick who Ben really was using the intimate legacy he had left behind.

Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict, 4.1 out of 5 based on 20 ratings
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  1. Caroline says:

    I wish more people could watch this, those affected by addiction as well as those who have certain views on it.

    Ben did a great thing filming so people can see what it’s really like to live addicted to Heroin and Crack and the impact it has on the user as well as those surrounded by it.

    Why couldn’t Ben quit? There’s no answer. It is a horrible existence, a tiring lifestyle. But what Ben done here is an amazing thing. I hope it gets the exposure to a wide audience.

    R.I.P Ben Rogers and love to his family.

  2. eve says:

    my husband is a heroin addict, recovering… from 17 to 33….. ben’s story is tragic,, i wish so badly i could hug him… i highly suggest looking for the book that goes with it which includes more details and writings from him. you can find it on amazon

    ben, please be at peace now….

  3. Jake C says:

    So touching, tragic story, but puts alot into perspective for a young adult struggling to get starting in the world…. Learned a lot from this and hoping that the memory of Ben Rogers will be long remembered! Had the mindset, but the will power wasn’t there…

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