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History|25 Oct, 2012|37 Comments |
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They were dreaded forces on the outskirts of civilization, the bloodthirsty warriors who defied the Roman legions and terrorized the population of Europe. They were barbarians, and their names still evoke images of cruelty and chaos.

But what we really know about these legendary warriors? From the frigid North Sea to the Russian steppes, this ambitious series tells the fascinating stories of four of the most legendary fighters in history, tracing 1,000 years of conquest and adventure through inspired scholarship and some representations largest ever filmed. Mongols Genghis Khan rides and their descendants, as the sweep from Asia to the heart of modern Germany in a frenzy of expansion.

They came in waves from outside the dark forests of Europe and in the course of a millennium that drove a mighty empire to its knees. Relentless and merciless united only in their hatred of Rome each of the warring tribes had their own agenda of violent rites and wild dark secret weapons tactics.

This documentary follows eight of the most feared tribes in history: Goths, Mongols, Huns, Vikings, Vandals, Saxons, Franks and Lombards, as it cut a swath of destruction across the world. BARBARIANS recreates the world of these invaders through even more intense scenes on a large scale battle reenactments and a whistle fast paced exciting narrative.The hatchet and screen noise sound in the ears of the spectators as these four programs to bring the clash of civilizations era to life like never before.

Barbarians, 2.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. briansuck says:

    I know. I am very amazed when I read that during the Mongol campaign in eastern Europe, they used lots of banners to trick about their number. They used sulphur gas to poison their enemy, covered by Shaman dance to make their enemy think that Mongol has black magic. During battle, Mongol troops shouting in Germanic language to retreat, the enemies at the back lines confused and retreat as they thought the front line has fallen.

  2. TheI80082 says:

    They had tactics psychology warfare trick the enemy into beliving that they outnumbered them traps and stuffs like that.if you think they where without tactics then you havnt heard of the germanic and celtic tribes before the rise of Rome.Their only tactic was masscharge or the champions of each tribe fought until one was dead.And the goal of barbarossa was to drive most of the slavs east kill most of them and keep the rest as slaves. Leningrad over 2milion people was supposed to starve

  3. briansuck says:

    You’re right. Nazi commited genocides on occupied territories. But Nazi at least targeted mainly Jewish. Mongol targeted any male that stand higher than wheel cart for those who surrendered. For those who fought, nothing was spared. The worst part is that lots of empires tought Mongol was simply barbarians that gathered in mass and charged ahead without any tactic, the worst decision they ever made.

  4. TheI80082 says:

    China,Persia those places where not higly populated?

  5. TheI80082 says:

    I think the nazis that invaded eastern europe was pretty bad to

  6. briansuck says:

    Not much people this days understand the horror of Mongol invasion. To explain in modern term, it’s like this: Imagine your civilization were attacked by 200,000 Chuck Norrises. Say your prayers.

  7. NoCutCard612 says:

    Limited budget? That’s an incredibly weak excuse and pretty much bullshit. As I said a while back, they didn’t have to use Mongolian actors — they could have used actors of any east, central or even SE Asian ethnicity. The average American wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Asian actors are quite plentiful. It had nothing to do with “limited budget” and most likely everything to do with being cheap, meeting a deadline, and counting on the ignorance of the average American viewer.

  8. Then why did you watched and commented on this video in the first place?

  9. this was like gangland in 1200 AD

  10. 67Zaka says:

    Stupid documentary…

  11. djdragonhalf says:

    is it just me or is that a plastic water tank painted brown at 15:16?

  12. alarik36 says:

    We have footballplayer called Olof “Stilicho” Mellberg in the swedish national team. HE is a beast..

  13. Winterx69 says:

    3:20 – OMG – is that a whig – or is it a cat?

  14. vidman163 says:

    Alaric is a beast just like his mentor Stilicho, and although Genseric is a Vandal he is also a badass because he could at least take Rome, unlike Attila ho just raided Rome and was then defeated at Chalons.

  15. trey9386 says:

    Out of them all I like the Goths. All of the so called barbarians were not barbarians. They were if not more civilized than the barbaric Romans. And really, the goths were promised something and never received so they took it. And Alaric is badass. Sacked Rome to show I can take your city whenever I feel like it.

  16. Oceansnz says:

    The kid slave at 10:27 is laughing haha

  17. ive been binge watching this show, ive got the theme song stuck in my head now and ive been walking around humming: bum bum bum BUM BUM BUM BUM

  18. i have to say my favorite Visigoth is Alaric the bold. He is badass

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