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Barack Obama v Mitt Romney – It’s Rap

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With US General Elections looming this sideways look at the battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is epitomised by this mickey take rap session loaded with political satire. Despite the nature of this unstuffy approach,  it does attend to some of the key issues and thoughts of the “Common People”.

You should watch the electoral debate  (covered on Documentarytube) between these two and then this short video to see the parallel between the two.

The manipulation and general policies are passed as challenges between the two mock candidates in this rap session…a fun worthwhile watch even if you are a “stiff shirt”.

If you wish to know some of the facts and figures surrounding this lead up battle go to this site dedicated to the comparisons…go there and make your own decision…

Barack Obama v Mitt Romney - It's Rap, 3.2 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. lol obama and lincoln

  2. DalekNecros says:

    we need more Abe Lincoln the people have spoken

  3. obama supports your mama

  4. Tommy Olenik says:

    tobuscus vs pewdiepie everyone wants this to happen so please

  5. Skillet7890 says:

    So Ares vs a little bit more violent version……of himself?

  6. David Rios says:

    Over 376000 comments alone =O

  7. MrCommotion says:

    Muhammad Ali vs Michael Jordan

  8. ScubaSteveWA says:

    The Bald Eagle is native to only North America, and has always been seen as a powerful and majestic bird by us and even the previous Native Americans that lived here. The bird was also chosen also as a reference to the Roman Republic (which also used an Eagle), which the founders of the United States used as a model for our own government. The meaning has much more depth to it, but that’s a small amount of the reason behind it for you.

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  10. every leader either of state country province whatever the case maybe is mostly elected under hollow promises if he DOES one and I DO MEAN ONE thing he promised or at least attempts to make a change then count the vote you made as a success and a good call.

  11. let’s say your father was a great man, well you must be whats left. need to stop hating on gays, let him teach you how to dress. you’ve got da momma geans, and a Mr. fantastic face. So rich and white it’s like I’m running against a cheese cake. Replubicans need a puppet and you fit, got their hands so far up your rear, call you Mitt…

  12. seanymackels says:

    That was the thing about Hitler, Germany’s condition was so bad after WWI that it made it possible for someone like him to come into power. As much as I distaste his beliefs and what he did, he did save Germany’s economy.

  13. tom19971101 says:

    Look I know Hitler was responsible for WWII and a lot of jews dying, but if you take that away he was a really good dictator, he solved the unemployment problem in Germany, something a lot of presidents all over the world promised but never actually solved

  14. backnbasin says:

    the governor would look at jay z, the president’s friend/ and grin/ say men lie women lie numbers don’t lie/ then how would the president reply/ then me against fans of rap/ they’ll witness me tap/ the button to get my comment through too many times/ backnbasin is my channel i got true rhymes/ yeah this might be spam but if you had a song claim you wouldn’t do the same

  15. Liam Davies says:

    Lol, you want to put a man in power who believes in a religion founded by a known con-man. Who believes that in the 19th century, a man named Joseph Smith dug up 2 golden tablets, translated them from Egyptian into 17th century English (then conveniently lost them). Who changes his views on subjects every 2 minutes (seriously, watch the video here on Youtube called ‘Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’?') etc etc.

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