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Ape to Man

Science|07 Feb, 2012|349 Comments |
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It has long been considered the most pressing issue of our history: Where did humans come from? Although life has existed for millions of years, only in the past century and a half we have begun to use science to explore the ancestral roots of our own species.

The search for the ultimate answer has taken a series of twists and turns, with careers made and broken on the road. Ape to man is the story of the quest to find the origins of the human race – a quest that spanned more than 150 years of obsessive searching Searching for the origins of mankind is a history of bone and feature stories .

It was in 1856 that the first bones of extinct human ancestor were encountered, discovered by a team of unskilled workers to excavate the limestone in Western Europe. The finding, to be known as Neanderthal Man, was seeing the light of day for the first time in more than 40,000 years.

At that time, the concept of a previous human species was virtually unthinkable. However, only a few years later, the work of Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species first broached the subject of evolution, and by the end of the nineteenth century had become the hottest topic of the day.

Adventurers had embarked on the search for the missing link, the only creature that represents the evolutionary leap from apes to humans. Ape to Man examines the major discoveries that have led to the understanding we have today, including theories that never gained full acceptance of his time, an elaborate hoax that confused the scientific community for years, and understanding short of the key elements that separate man from apes.

Ape to Man , 3.2 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. SabraStiehl says:

    You many already know this, but the research shows that all mankind except peoples who did not leave Africa have between 1 and 5 percent Neanderthal genetics, which means we interbred. Also, two new new species were recently discovered, one in southern Russia and the other in Indonesia, this latter species being people no more than about 3 1/2 feet tall. This means that about 25,000 years ago there may have been 5 or more human species on the planet, but only Homo sapiens sapiens survived.

  2. Since 2005, when this production was compiled, the study of Neanderthals relative to Homo-Sapiens has tended to identify similarities between the two species, by comparing the genomes of each. Whereas a full human [Homo-Sapien] genome map has since been devised, a partial genome map has been created for Neanderthal, but it may be rendered complete sooner or later, via DNA sampling of Neanderthal bone. These genome maps do identify them as separate species, with SOME marked genetic affiliations.

  3. dracolique says:

    Although I applaud your enthusiasm, I think you have your terminology messed up. evolution IS a theory… but that is not a bad thing. In science, theories are made up of facts, observations and evidence. There are many theories of Gravity, but I don’t see people denouncing gravity very often. Electricity is also a theory. With all that being clarified, it should be made clear that the theory of Evolution probably has more facts and evidence backing it up than Gravity.

  4. dracolique says:

    Yep, exactly. “God did it” That’s all we need to know, right? Science has never given us anything useful. I never touch any of that scientific devil-crap. Right now I am typing this comment on an official Vatican computer which runs on a holy mixture of prayer, fear, the blood of my enemies and the tears of raped prepubescent boys. I assume you are as well…

  5. Simple answer…ET changed Apes into men, they’re god and just had to switch chromosomes. Probably put the dinosaurs here as well. Planet Earth testing ground, ancient genetic engineering from a highly advanced race not from here.

  6. @SkinnnedHead Okay everyone, this is what Darwin ACCTUALLY beleived. 1. Living things reproduce 2. When living things reproduce, they pass on traits to their young 3. Females want to mate with the best Males 4. When they do this, the best traits get passed on 5. Sometimes, a mutation will create a random and new change in DNA. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it doesn’t change anything

  7. it is strange how some scientists thinks that results with a few similar structures in the DNA-chain means they are inherited from the same place. When so many different disturbances to the DNA can result in similar structural changes.

  8. Mdebacle says:

    Scan on ‘Neanderthal DNA 12.7′ and find out that NM had 12.7 percent so-called “ancestral” DNA, i.e. it was 6.35 percent more like a chimpanzee. Since Eurasian humans have none of this steenking NM-chimp DNA, we should conclude that Neanderthals were the last in a sequence of hybrids. They were 15-16ths human, 1-16th ape. They were exterminated and fossilized following Genesis 6:12.

  9. emerson92411 says:

    i think that we should stop looking for that missing link but rather build the family tree from which all of the human beings, apes, and other creatures came from. scientists should be looking evenly on every continent. if the early human being could have evolved in africa or in indonesia, it is possible that a human being had been evolving in central asia, america and others.

  10. emerson92411 says:

    i think that it is false to say there must be a missing link between the two. what we can conclude is that we have a common ancestor since we have many similarities. i do not know much about DNAs but by mere physical traits and behaviour i can say that we could have evolved from a common ancestor.

  11. emerson92411 says:

    let us take apes for example. today, we have apes like the chimpanzee, orangutan, gorilla and others. they are coexisting at the same time. some are coexisting in the same place. we cannot therefore say that each one of them is an ancestor or descendant of the other. that is the same thing with man and apes.

  12. emerson92411 says:

    there were a lot of places where life form could have evolved. this means that while a human specie is evolving in africa, another could have been developing in asia, europe or america. when these developing specie would meet each other, one would try to eliminate the other so they will eliminate competition.

  13. emerson92411 says:

    this is a very interesting topic and how the pieces of stories were put together. i am not a scientist but just a common thinker. i think that some of the stories might have been right but i have to disagree with some of it. if we try to think of it, it is claimed that life must have started from a body of water. from these bodies of water evolved different species which includes plants, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and others. africa is not the only place where we can find bodies of water

  14. all very interesting, but a person like me who would consider the biblical history of creation and the possibilities of evolution certainly raises up a million questions. One of them is? If you go all the way back to the point zero of science explanations for homo-sapiens evolution, there’s obviously a much larger line far behind through the possibilities of creation. Whats the point zero of all?

  15. arltunstall says:

    Neanderthals expressed themselves artistically. There have been Neanderthal bone flutes and cave art found in Europe. There is also evidence of interbreeding between Neanderthals and homo sapiens. The reason the Neanderthals died out was because their bodies were not designed for hunting in the open plains which started to take over the European landscape after the last ice age. Homo sapiens were well adapted to plain hunting and therefore survived to tell the tale.

  16. MrJuno6 says:

    How does this explain artefacts that have been found in rock strata that is millions of years old ? This is a side issue, only part of the story. The true origin of mankind is known to the elite, but is actively kept secret from the masses/slaves. so that they can retain not only physical, but spiritual power over us. Fortunately there are signs that their game will soon be up.

  17. Skywalker91 says:

    14:34-14:56 – He describes the view many people (especially creationists) have on evolution even now.But anyway, very interesting documentary. :) I love watching things about human evolution, perhaps it gives me some sense of pride of what I am – and otherwise, looking at the state of the Earth today, I don’t get much of that feeling.

  18. MrDBarch says:

    @SkinnnedHead Well, perhaps you are assuming the title infers “From Ape ….. comes…… Man. Whereas it much more easily could be, simply a span of characteristics between both species…over time. Again, this notion in your psychy that an “ape made men” isn’t being helpful I get a good feeling from you all of a sudden, maybe i was able to explain it well enough the last time? I hope so, cus I really wanted to do that. thanks guy. Humans have come a longggg way!

  19. MrDBarch says:

    People who do not accept evolution see it as a threat to all they’ve been told.taught to believe and they’ll be damned if they admit that they’ve spent a lifetime listening to and believing something or series of things that are just plain false. I can empathize with folks in this position. Look at the famous picture of jesus by michel angelo, you say, wow, there’s jesus. You know what… it’s not, its a painting imagined up by a human. it’s been around so long a lot of people think wow, its him

  20. MrDBarch says:

    But it isn’t him, at all. It’s a likeness that M. Angelo thought looked great. It’s so old most followers look at it and think it’s christ’s image. We don’t know any better. In the case of the origin of man, we DO know better. it’s time to cast away our michel angelo view of humanity; the old picture worked for a while but we have new, way more true and accurate information to live with now. Embrace reality and cast away the superstitious nature of a legacy left over from the bronze age.

  21. Sophy says:

    That’s awesome that you got snomoee to give you an individual assessment! I’m kind of jealous. One thing that helps me keep my calves loose is every time I go up or down stairs, I spend a minute stretching each leg. It feels so good, and takes away from the boredom of stretching for a long time after running.Kiah recently posted..

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