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ANTS – Nature’s Secret Power (Full)

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In this documentary you will discover ants through the vision of the world renowned expert Bert Hoelldobler. There are endless records held by these amazing insects and this video is enlightening to say the least. Ants can survive and out-survive many of their peers which is demonstrated by the longevity of the species.


ANTS - Nature's Secret Power (Full), 3.6 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. Ezrah N says:

    the world might just be a better place! But if anything even remotely threatens our species, our governments go to great lengths to stop it! They would even go as far as rendering entire countries un-inhabitable to any living creature JUST to keep us at the top of the food chain (such as nuking something! which would ruin the lands).Nuclear weapons should never have been created, no species has the right to choose weather our planet lives or not!

  2. Ezrah N says:

    Earth Worm actually shape our forests and jungles, and help keep the soil healthy! If we lost Ants and Earthworms…or even JUST Bee’s the world would be screwed ecologically! Humans are expendable as a whole!Part of the problem with the human race is that we have no natural born enemies to keep our numbers in check! Every other species on the planet is both a predator to a species, and prey to others! But the same cannot be said for us humans. Maybe if we werent at the top of our food chain

  3. Ezrah N says:

    Ants were here before humans and they will be here when we are gone :) . Its kinda sad really, see if humans as a species were to die out (or likely wipe ourselves out with these damn A-Bombs) the Earth would actually become MORE healthy as a whole! Without our pollution, deforestation and ever increasing rubbish tips! However if Ants were to die out the world would probably suffer a severe blow to its health and vitality. Ants play an important role in the ECO system, they, and their friends the

  4. lomateron says:

    Don’t forget you yourself are another big colony of living things that work together to make what you are doing right now.You colony works better when it discovers relations of the world, resulting in a movement of some hands, throat, face, legs to get food and to discover more relations.

  5. obionedogan says:

    “one site is selected from many by a chemical democracy. There is no leader giving orders. The site is chosen by the community through the strength of the chemical trails of the scouts” That’s a quote from the video. The queen is responsible for the continuation of the species. They live in a democracy :)

  6. sirius888777 says:

    Thank you Wolfgang and Bert.This is truly remarkable video. If we humans could just learn from them about cooperation and existing as one – we would have paradise on earth instantly.May be the ants are more spiritually evolved than humans. It surely made a great impact on me and i see them now in a very different view.Thank you again boys i enjoy it very much.michael

  7. Seabearrs says:

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  8. Saying a super organism is a way of disregarding the fact that they can be intelligent as individuals. Science is in many cases making others to look as if they don’t have brains. According to what I know, no human being has been inside the mind or being of any animal. I loved the program though.

  9. People boast about how ants are so much stronger than humans, able to carry 50 times their own weight. Well, that’s all fine and dandy but what they fail to mention is the cube square law. As size increases, the cross section of the muscle would be scaled up by the square of the scaling factor but mass will increase by the cube of the scaling factor. So the muscles strength would become less and less inefficient as you scale up, that’s why humans are proportionally much much weaker than ants.

  10. bluebanshee3 says:

    have a good rainy day, then :-) . they’re nice when you can stay in. it’s sunny here. i’m going to walk my dog. if i get brave, i’ll try the ants, but i just learned you can’t cook red ants—that’s mostly what we have here, the little fire ants. i’ll have to find out why, if they’re toxic or why.

  11. I know I don’t know why it is such a TABOO about eating insects; they are so yummy. It sounds so good with lemon and lime awe I want to go to NM now. Try eating the bugs! Go with ants first they are yummy :D If you do not like them then don’t ever need to try again :) … ahh bugs are soo good :D Enjoy your day today ! It is freezing here and supposed to rain I doubted it, but now see rain clouds so it probably will rain today :)

  12. bluebanshee3 says:

    they are kind of like big crickets. they’re supposed to have a nutty taste, a little like cashews.i haven’t tried it, but i’m curious, especially about the ones people often eat. there’s sort of a taboo about eating insects in most parts of this country, so i haven’t had many opportunities. maybe next year when the cicadas emerge, i’ll try them though.

  13. They are tangy to me, maybe to someone else they are peppery I could see that. Each different ant probably tastes a bit different also. I love eating bugs they are soo good. I used to eat ants in Russia as a little kid and they were more tangy then the ones I had in USA, but maybe it was because I was really hungry in the orphanage and my taste buds were craving things *not sure :) Fun times

  14. arjuna7603 says:

    were the ants killed at 46:24 ?? mean a**holes.. they destroyed the whole labor of that colony with absolutely nothing to give back.. i thot NGC was all about not disturbing the nature.. f*ck i hate this video for this sh*t

  15. NotAG4yName says:

    So what you idiot it’s not like that ants have feelings on the matter. Ant’s are probably the most thriving species on the planet so I wouldn’t worry about one colony even one as big as that. Besides all that, it was probably the coolest part in the documentary something I had never seen before and learned a lot from. All must bow in the pursuit of knowledge.

  16. lukafafrenz says:

    but the majority rule of the democratic process of worker footsteps, and the “invisible hand” of capitalism determines which product (leaf) becomes the most satisfactory to the colony of consumers — it’s the competition of chemical paths to the best food that sustains the antsnature moves in cycles in a dynamic system; not in a straight line stemming from a static onecommunism is artificial — that’s why it has failed worldwide

  17. Not alien litterally, stupid ;) He meant alien because there are no creature like them on earth.I love ants. Massive superstrong tanks living in a well built society. It’s awesome stuff like this that makes me really respect and love mother nature.

  18. Of course that is possible. But that’s like saying what if ants were aliens who transfigure themselves to look like ants to covertly study the human race in order to attack and take over Earth. Even though there IS this possibility but from all the studies biologists do on ants, we can safely rule out that possible.

  19. Throwing something else out there… what if ants were able to choose if they will stop or not, but all of the ones we see choose not to? Then what? Being that this Earth is so large and ants are so small AND that many live underground or in close spaces, we couldn’t possibly have observed every ant society to determine such a thing.

  20. Just throwing this out there… being creatures that rely on vision more than other senses, we tend to like our proof to be visual, as opposed to anything else. You shouldn’t conclude that they do not express any social feelings, relationships or sentiment. Like the documentary stated, much of their communication is through chemicals. Could it not be possible that all those feelings and such are expressed through chemicals that we can not see? What makes you say they have little intelligence?

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