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Ancient Aliens

History, Strange|20 Aug, 2012|359 Comments |
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Were we visited by extraterrestrials in ancient times? This documentary explores this unorthodox ideas with some compelling evidence. Could this all be science fiction? Possibly, but it makes for an entertaining watch.

Ancient Aliens, 3.7 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. mrbassman25 says:

    the baghdad battery is a facinating one ! … but thats a great point, yet only common sense, something we have lost these days it seems.

  2. asimioso says:

    I just focus on the great architecture in this program, a lot of the speculation around aliens is just unjustified. That one professor with the big hair sounds like one of my stoner roommates from uni. Who’s to say the ancients just had wisdom we didn’t in terms of stone-masonry and the like? Ancient wisdom people, the truth is out there.

  3. 636davidp says:

    don’t let facts get in the way of a fairy tale

  4. Wow. Is this guy boring or what?

  5. Cesar Cano says:

    natural selection had humans at the highest when it comes to intelligence around the time most of this structures where build in their respective civilizations believe it or not we are actually getting dumber i I mean look i didn’t even use punctuation

  6. lets see… humans who inhabited the earth could never have built these structures, but ALIENS from another planet came to Earth and built thousands(if you accept one structure you must accept all) of these structures?? please…. 50tons ha the ancient Greeks were cutting and stacking weights up to 1000 tons, no alien technology was found, Egyptian hieroglyphics show they used saws, sand, drills and chisels to carve out blocks of sandstone again with no alien technology…

  7. It might be building technique that is long forgotten. History is written trought winners of war… important libraries and scrolls has been destroyed in the progress. I hate when people wont find a explanation to something they allways bring up the subject of god or aliens. My theory is that humans I.Q is lower today than it was back then and ofcourse there is no tools, you wont find construction crane on your backyard eather.

  8. d3adsoulja says:

    BUT come on how many tools get discarded and buried under mounds of earth tools abandoned on jobs etc Ive seen this happen countless times. Im not discounting the advanced elements theory im actually a firm believer that we are not alone. Just saying :)

  9. museluvr says:

    What I think watching these episodes (and I love the series) is that why does it have to be aliens? As mentioned in several shows, we may be re-learning technology from centuries past lost due to cataclysms, etc. We could have had a former civilization that was spin our minds today. Who knows. I’m not out-ruling aliens sharing advanced technology, etc.. just saying.. as is it hard to think our own human ancestors could have been just as advanced.

  10. Because to me, and the way I believe.. you’ve got all these religions of the universe, right? I believe that all of these religion’s have truth in them and share key piece’s with each other kind of like a puzzle that has yet to been put together.. UNTIL that is, you realise we are all one, we are all connected, no matter what race or religion you are.. we all came from the same source! Here’s a quote from a book I’m reading.. I’ll continue this in another paragraph..

  11. “In the past centuries there have been many learned Teachers who have laid down various paths to show the Truth. Among these, buddhism is one, and according to it my opinion is that except for the difference in the names and forms of the various religions the Ultimate Truth is the same” / “Although someone may say there is Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, ect., when he has penetrated to the essential nature of his religion, he will reguard all religions as being the same.”

  12. Ohh ok! my bad bro! I couldn’t understand your English! I’m glad you pointed out that bit of the video to me! Thank’s man.. I’m deep into the subconscious higher self/mind! Great tool to work with! My uncle is Paul Solomon, look him up. He’s a famous author and traveled the world teaching classes, doing source reading’s, and whatnot! I have just began my spiritual journey to as where everything is starting to make sense to me.. that we are all connected and as one with everything!

  13. atchoo2u says:

    There is Biblical evidence of the fact that Moses was blasted with light, and then received the wisdom of the Torah. He is shown in art with horns of light coming out of his head. This also happened to Paul who wrote the majority of the New Testament. He also was blasted by light, and blinded and gained wisdom. Radiation does mess with our DNA, so it stands to reason that our gray matter would be altered also.

  14. When they say no tools were found, it means the culture of people that resided in the area had no know tools that could possibly cut stone as hard as this, no tools were found at the stone query location no such tools in their homes or place of burial. The point of all of this is the following. The ancient men had tools/knowledge of unknown origin which rivals ours today. Stone workers today admitted some of these stone structures are impossible to replicate with today’s technology.

  15. Doug Moore says:

    People were much more frugal back then as opposed to our “throw away” society today. Planned atrtition of produced materials and tools today make it hard for us to fathom a society that left nothing behind. Why assume our brains are better today than past then? Today we waste our brains on drugs, fake additives, etc that may cause our brains to work less effectively today than in the past.

  16. No, haha! Watch a video called “Coral Castle: Mystery Solved” and see how one man moves stone blocks by himself. These pyramids and such were built by thousands of workers. If one man can move a block that weighs a ton by himself with simply wood and pebbles then a thousand men could easily build the pyramids. They had intelligence like we do now but they had limited technology so they founds ways to maximize the use of what they had available. If we had to rely on stone, we could too.

  17. You’re right. Tools get damaged/broken, wear out, leave behind some kind of evidence such as nails with a hammer or fuel residue, empty cans, anything. Visit any junk yard or dump ground and you’ll see what happens to tools. This guy 83shug is of low intelligence. You have to excuse these kind of people. They sit around drinking beer and watching wrestling on TV.

  18. biggee316 says:

    The only way I can see how blocks that size could be transported and then lifted and fitted so tightly together, is that they must have transported the rock in small pieces, then heat them at the construction site to the point that they can be melted together and shaped, either by a giant mold or other means, then placed, let that block cool and harden, then repeat the process to lay the next giant block on top of the cooled one to let it set and mold itself to fit the previous block…

  19. Owl says:

    I kinda think that if time is a loop that WE are the ancient aliens that came down to minipulate ourselves to make us evolve and the reason everything seems to be in tourmoil right now is vibrational feedback.. because we are comming up to the point where we made ourselves.

  20. Mira says:

    You two are the most amazing and beaftiuul couple, truly. I love you both and am so sad I could not be there for your perfect day. May the Lord bless the two of you and your future with love, promise, and a life shining the light of our Christ. Miss you both and am overwhelmed at how happy I am for you!!! The pictures are fantastic! Love you!!!!Amanda

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