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An Inconvenient Truth – Another View

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This very short video documents a differing view from the one presented by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth”. This may not be the large scale production of the Al Gore one but the narrator does present his differing view in an interesting way. He believes that this documentary is a case of a Global Warming Scam and goes about presenting his case as such.


Just because it’s in a documentary, on television or on the internet does not make it a fact……it’s the story which sells.

There are a number of interesting view-points presented here and it is worth sitting for the 5 minutes it takes to hear an opinion which is not aligned with some of the sentiments in the Al Gore presentation before you head to the longer more¬†poignant¬†documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.


An Inconvenient Truth - Another View, 2.6 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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  1. w w w luxco-networks(dot)co(dot)uk/climate-change-conspiracy(dot)phpmy website, where i have a little info on your child-molester cults conspiracy to spread sicko lies about AGW are the child-molester that cloned my randomlaughingman channel 100s of times, wrote the dramatica website about me, and have many other cloned channels. your conspiracy hinges on lies like i’m nightversionn & beamshipcaptain – 2 channels you cloned & posted sex-abuse from.kill yourself satanic paedo scum

  2. patioperson says:

    What I meant to say is that the scam is usually somewhat more hidden. You’ll notice some other posters naming Clara, she posted under RandomLaughingMan and used “paedo” a lot, then ended with “kill yourself”. She’s history and now the scammers are trying to fool us by using her phrases. At some point, I guess, other sock accounts will be created to argue with each other and drown out all discussion. Watch for them. They were spawned last year and held in reserve for this election.

  3. patioperson says:

    Maylin, Ge, 1utube, nighty, clara, retardedkid, Arryass, these are all sock accounts sponsored by Greedpreach. What is unusual is that the scam is somewhat more hidden. I think Greedpreach brought in a couple of junkies to distract the realists. This charade won’t go on long. The dope will wear off. Greenpreach will stop the funding. But watch for the subtle spammers that will float below the radar. This could be a ruse to infiltrate other spammers.

  4. maylinghoo says:

    We’re used to seeing hurricane cities in Florida, North Carolina, and the Gulf Coast. But to see these images from the Jersey Shore and New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is a shocking experience. New Jersey only rarely gets hit by hurricanes because it lies in a portion of the coast that doesn’t stick out much, and is too far north. How did this happen? How was a hurricane able to move from southeast to northwest at landfall, so far north, and so late in hurricane season?

  5. arryhuk says:

    “The oceans of the Earth are now about to bite our asses (or butts if you are North American).All that hidden energy is going to re emerge and cause just a little disruption.”Well,I posted that over a week ago,and there was ‘sandy’

  6. patioperson says:

    “New world”, “bite our asses”, such simple phrases from the alarmist simpletons.Well our new round world is more up to date then the alarmist flat earth and nobody on our round earth is going to be bit in the ass by the oceans. Or even the lakes. Not even the streams. And definitely not the mud puddles. But keep up the exaggerations, it is amusing. Just watch that the polar bears, who are breeding like rats, don’t bit your ass. Stay in mama’s basement where you’re safe and clothes washed.

  7. Lies, damned lies and statistics ~.”A new NASA study shows that from 1978 to 2010 the total extent of sea ice surrounding Antarctica in the Southern Ocean grew by roughly 6,600 square miles every year, an area larger than the state of Connecticut. And previous research by the same authors indicates that this rate of increase has recently accelerated, up from an average rate of almost 4,300 square miles per year from 1978 to 2006. [an increase of 53%/year between 1978-2010 vs. 1978-2006 rate]“

  8. MarkNabes says:

    CO2 has magical, mystical, and omnipotent powers and unless we pay our carbon tax tithes to the Carbon Cult on Wall St, we will continue to have hurricanes, floods, droughts, extreme cold & heat, growing & melting glaciers, etc

  9. MarkNabes says:

    The seventies and eighties were fantastic decades to live in! Other artists I like include; Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Duran Duran, The Cult, Simple Minds, B52′s, Kim Wilde, ZZ Top, Michael Jackson, Jean Michel-Jarre, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Kim Wilde, Howard Jones, Visage, Tears For Fears, Bronski Beat, Japan, Mike Oldfield, Dance 2 Trance, Enigma, Energy 52 (Cafe Del Mar), Banco De Gaia, Vangelis, Oasis, Eurythmics and lots of other eighties acts – the list would go on forever

  10. “Klein, was 23 in 1992 when he completed his master’s degree in geography and worked as a Greenpeace campaigner. 2 years later, he was a lead author for the IPCC. Since 1994, he has been a lead author for 6 IPCC reports, and beginning in 1997, he was promoted to co-ordinating lead author – the IPCC’s most senior author role – at 28. “That’s 6 years prior to him completing his PhD. Neither youth nor his thin academic credentials prevented the IPCC regarding him as one of the world’s top experts”

  11. maylinghoo says:

    This is for the dumb denier……The analysis found 2010 approximately 1.13 F warmer than the average global surface temperature from 1951 to 1980. To measure climate change, scientists look at long-term trends. The temperature trend, including data from 2010, shows the climate has warmed by approximately 0.36 F per decade since the late 1970s.”If the warming trend continues, as is expected, if greenhouse gases continue to increase, the 2010 record will not stand for long,”

  12. patioperson says:

    The warming, for the dumb who can’t find this information for themselves, ended 16 years ago. That’s last century. The present cooling is going to be a challenge for mankind. Shorter growing seasons will cause massive starvation across this globe.If we don’t get this wimpy CO2 up to the normal 1200 ppm, we are dead as a civilization.The only hot records are due to UHI, and I’ll explain that to the simple alarmists. Don’t send the rainwater to the sewer, that is what cools the earth.

  13. maylinghoo says:

    And the 2010s will be the hottest decade on record and then the 2020s will be the hottest decade on record. The only question is whether humanity is going to continue to staying on this self-destructive emissions path so that every decade this century will be the hottest on record.

  14. maylinghoo says:

    NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. “Glaciers and sea ice are melting, heavy rainfall is intensifying and heat waves are more common. And, as the new report tells us, there is now evidence that over 90 percent of warming over the past 50 years has gone into our ocean.”

  15. patioperson says:

    If anyone here denies global cooling I have fifty nine bridges that don’t exist and the CN and Eiffel tower at cut rate prices.Who’s the retard that came up with this thread?Gotta be a denier alarmist warmist pinky liberal.

  16. “More than 500 people from Hongxiao Village started to gather in front of the factory of Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co, Ltd located in the city of Haining on Thursday night, demanding explanation on the death of a large swath of fish in a nearby river last month, local officials said.”.Out of sight out of mind unlike the green lunatic hordes who are out of mind and far out man.

  17. “Altamont’s turbines have since 2008 been tethered four months of every year in an effort toprotect migrating birds after environmentalists filed suit. According to the Golden GateAudubon Society, 75 to 110 Golden Eagles, 380 Burrowing Owls, 300 Red-tailed Hawks, and333 American Kestrels (falcons) are killed by Altamont turbines annually.”.Don’t it always seem to go you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone ~ leave me the birds and the bees PLEASE !!!

  18. 23peacefrog says:

    Welcome to dumb denier fairy land: every climate scientist on the planet is a liar. Also, the observed, measured & EXPERIENCED warming of the last few decades is a case of mass hysteria. Any warming has been caused by solar cycles but all the scientists & the communists at NASA are covering this up. Astonishingly wind & solar power doesn’t work.

  19. You spoon fed zombies are too thick to see the wood for the trees ~ oil has seeped from the earths crust for millennia and has been taken care of for millennia do you not realise that? man removing the oil would have reduced the pressure from within and reduced this natural venting ~ now I suggest you pop some anti chafing cream on your inner thighs and try not to wet yourself in the future ~ you dumb denier.

  20. liberalboi says:

    Are you stalking me scully? Haha I keed. But no, the problem is that people don’t understand the effects that global warming will have on our climate. We aren’t talking about a 1 foot sea level rise or a few polar bears dieing. Worst case scenario we could see our thermohaline ocean currents shut down completely that would lead to mass extinction. Face it. If the government doesn’t act then who will? Certainly not the free market. The free market is responsible for the problem.

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