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An Inconvenient Truth .. almost

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This is a short video which is not quite aligned with the documentary by Al Gore found here…. but it does merit a quick look just to lighten you up!! It is a wry look at the way advancements in technology have dramatically transformed the video gaming revolution.

It’s light and has been really popular so spend the couple of minutes to amuse yourself before embarking on the meat of the Global Warming controversy. 

An Inconvenient Truth .. almost, 2.6 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. PSISpecter says:

    Apple…I get it…

  2. Godee275 says:

    dont worry theres always porn

  3. Griz Mint says:

    i didnt believe myself either… so this time i brought proof. nice.

  4. Griz Mint says:

    to real gamers the wii is pretty much a novelty item. ive had fun playing a wii before.. but freddies right, it ruined an entire generation of games. anyways, most real gamers dont play consoles so its not that big of an issue to me.

  5. freddie was right about star wars! its been taken over by an alien race, claimed to be named ‘Disney’

  6. TheTomiyou says:

    that day was 4 days after my birthday :P

  7. kriliden says:

    lol apple suxxorss

  8. Freddiew as a kid “so what is an apple supposed do?”

  9. dictionthief says:

    Pretty sure he meant to buy Apple stock, since that skyrocketed in price. Would have made him millions.

  10. Bmaksaie says:

    Sad but true hhhhhhh

  11. Phyankord says:

    what happend to you gamers it seems somwhere along the way, you turn form doing good and how now evils holding sway. rythm games and fitness games and even cooking sims “what else are we to do?” FIGHT THE FIGHT IN OLD SKYRIM

  12. Pitty says:

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  13. RyansBriefs says:

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  14. Fastesthe1 says:

    It’s not the Wii that destroyed the progression of gaming, it’s the handheld systems. Instead of creating games with amazing graphics and improved platform playing, gaming companies start to focus on making simple social games that can be played on phones. We are quite literally at a decrease in game progression. However, with any luck, it will be a passing fad and we will go back to making awesome platform games. :)

  15. the wii was good, but companies like microsoft and sony had to rip it off and make terrible versions of the wii. seriously, sony is pretending that the psmove (or whatever its called) never existed because it sucked so bad.

  16. NotForHire42 says:

    00:58 – Freddie says he didn’t believe himself either. Implying that when that version of himself was younger and encountered an older Freddie who tried to warn him, he didn’t bring the Wiimote and Nunchuck and as a result he wasn’t believed. So now he’s trying to rectify that mistake.

  17. AviciHell says:

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  18. Youngnut18 says:

    But since he did travel (once) he DID change that reality, since his past self saw his future self, which definitely will alter things. It will result in a different future for the past self, like I said before, leading to an alternate, skewed-off-the-original-timeline parallel dimension.

  19. Youngnut18 says:

    It doesn’t work like that. I used to think that way too, but how it actually works (it’s a theory) is just like how they explained in Back to the Future, where him going back in time and changing the past, will cause the time, let’s say time “zone”, to skew off into an parallel dimension at that specific moment on the timeline, resulting in an alternate, changed reality. So no, it’s not like a loop of the same zone. He didn’t see himself before, because he only traveled once.

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