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An Inconvenient Truth

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This 2006 Documentary made by former vice-president and presidential nominee Al Gore, focuses on his life as well as a presentation on the dangers of global warming. Although some consider it to be an essential part of the global warming awareness movement some have rejected it as partisan and biased. See for yourself is it the true state of our environment or is it Al Gore trying to grab attention.

An Inconvenient Truth, 3.4 out of 5 based on 44 ratings
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  1. grace says:

    i just need it for class but i am not going to give you money for something that i am just going to watch ones

  2. Chris B says:

    change making video. I have used it for classes around the globe

  3. Evan Bush says:

    Clarification: I just noticed that you said “empirical data” when you were talking about temperature records. In demanding empirical data only, you are misunderstanding science. Climate models are very reliable, and continue to become more advanced as time goes on. Much of science relies on modeling–its not something confined to climate science alone. To discount models would be to discount science altogether, a mindset for which many people wouldn’t take you seriously.

    We use models for economics. We use models to determine how an epidemic might spread. We use models for all kinds of purposes, in all fields of science, and people don’t doubt them then. Why should we doubt climate science simply because it uses modeling?

    This article explains the reliability of climate models:

  4. Evan Bush says:

    @Melvin Cownzowfsky: Before making baseless and denialist claims, why not actually take the time to learn a bit about the science behind AGW? The claims you are making are scientifically incorrect and rhetorically driven. It’s funny that you say that we would need a few hundred years worth of data before we could make predictions, because temperature reconstructions go back much farther than than that (hundreds of millions of years)! Here is a 2000-year reconstruction:

    Also, contrary to what you have said, anthropogenic global warming is supported with enough evidence and strong enough evidence the level of uncertainty is not large enough to claim that it “has not been objectively proven”. Absolute proof is impossible of course, but the level of certainty is certainly high enough to base an opinion off. The mere fact that 95% of climate experts support the theory of AGW is quite convincing. (source: There is a consensus of scientists on the matter, not even to mention the consensus of evidence!

    The rest of your post is a confusion of politics with science. Whether you feel that the steps necessary to combat climate change are in our interests or not, that does not in any way disprove the science. The only way this would be possible would be through an international conspiracy to mislead the public, which would be impossible to pull off, seeing as it would include the vast majority of scientists all across the globe! It’s like me claiming that ever plumber in the world has conspired against me in a massive conspiracy to clog my drains!

    It’s disconcerting that you would make such rash claims without taking the time to at least try to understand basic physics, and its even more disconcerting that you seem to believe political ideology is in some way able to disprove science.

  5. Melvin Cownzowfsky says:

    Global warming is at the very best a fraud and a hoax! It has not been objectively proven to be the case at all! It simply isn’t possible to know from the empirical data that is available whether or not there is an irreversible trend toward global warming or not! Some short term minor fluctuations in temperature happen all the time. If we had say a few hundred years [maybe 500 to 1000] of fully documented data there might… just might have a reason to suspect, but even then not know for sure, that there is an irreversible trend toward global warming.
    What ‘Gobal Warming’ actually is, is a subversive effort to implement another population control mechanism that is nothing more or less than a Left-Wing Liberal ‘Defecrat’ political attempt to make many of us even more so the slaves of big government than we already are!
    Al Gore is not only one of the single most boring of humans God ever breathed life into, but a liar and a servant of the ‘Father of all Lies’! Perhaps only ‘Slick Willie,’ AKA William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton and Barak [where's the birth certificate?] Obama are more adept at lying than is ‘Mr.’ Gore… the elitist, royal pain-in-the posterior, bore!

  6. Wes Welker says:

    We had to watch this movie in school, and I was really mad because it was going to be a boring movie. I watched it, and I actually liked it. II liked it so much that I just showed it to my family. My favorite part is when Al Gore is talking about how if Greenland melted, and so did Antarctica, that the water level would raise by 40 feet. I thought that was crazy, and this movie was filmed a few years ago, so I want to see what it looks like today.

  7. Hayabusa says:

    Still, the question remains–why would anybody in their right mind want to spend their hard-earned money on what admittedly sounds like a bummer of a slide show? Because knowledge is empowering, and An Inconvenient Truth is not a depressing film. Gore’s forecast is serious, but he knows better than to leave us in despair.

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