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Air Transat Flight 236 Disaster – Mayday

Aviation, Disaster|03 Oct, 2012|46 Comments |
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Air Transat Flight 236 made a miraculous escape from what could have been a massive tragedy and disaster, this documentary describes what happened on this night. Faulty maintenance on fuel pumps causes incorrect readings on cockpit equipment and dials. Pilots do not believe readings until it is almost too late. A transatlantic flight nearly ends in disaster but manages to land at a navy base mid-Atlantic with faulty brakes. An amazing look at what exactly happened.

Gliding into an unfamiliar runway with no power available to provide reverse thrust is something you would not expect in this day and age of strict air traffic safety checks etc but the flight crew managed to save the plane and it’s passengers despite all thetyres exploding on landing.

The investigation to follow reveals the incorrect maintenance procedures using the wrong parts during maintenance which could have resulted in the loss of all 306 passengers and crew. A large monetary fine for the air company may at least improve and highlight the issues of flight safety breaches in this case but there is still a number of huge questions wrt some of decisions made in this “not quite a Disaster” instance.

Air Transat Flight 236 Disaster - Mayday, 4.1 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. lemlem27 says:

    thanks for the upload:)

  2. jjovereats says:

    And of course a weak magnet motor would be geared to the gearing on the fan (a 1:1 reduction turboprop in a duct) where the motor is strong enough to spin the fan for 25% normal thrust, and the gear from the turbine would be disconnected by an automated backup system. These magnetoturbopropducts (or turbofans with Magnabackup feature) will be good for until the motor simply burns up. The fire would be extinguished by the automated backup system.

  3. jjovereats says:

    I need to make a turbofan where the fan can freewheel if the engine loses power, so that reversers DO work in a gliding landing, on what little thrust is created by the fan, which is connected to some highly efficient bearings during a freewheel.

  4. jjovereats says:

    DC-10 = misspelt Death’s Killer 10.

  5. Pimjo14 says:

    @Marineperson, they don’t it is just the background. Normally only pilots of any aircraft on the same frequency and with in range can hear it. Sometimes other ATC can hear it to. Eg. If the voice from the pilot is heard through loud speakers.

  6. Billy K says:

    Of course hes a hero what the hell is that dope on about, he cudda choose to land in water and let them freeze to death, That pilot did well getting that plane to land

  7. RSWaffleFTW says:

    My aunt was on this plane, she keeps the life vest in her living room. Thank god everyone lived.

  8. Great Job By The Pilots!:)

  9. Flow198812 says:

    are you watching the same documentary as I do?in my version of the documentary no one is killed, the pilots land the plane safely on an island and the maintenance team is to be blamed for the incident.reading your comment, I’m actually not sure if you’re not watching another documentary.

  10. Gaurav Gupta says:

    Given your poor grammar (“Your from”… Learn some English, white trash); Its probably insensitive to rake up your trashcan lineage. I wish you all the best, Dr. dole; may the lord help you find a job, get off drugs and help your sister get out of the brothel.

  11. gaurav569 says:

    Given your poor grammar (“Your from”… Learn some English, white trash); Its probably insensitive to rake up your trashcan lineage. I wish you all the best, Dr. dole; may the lord help you find a job, get off drugs and help your sister get out of the brothel.

  12. gaurav569 says:

    If it was a DC-10(Deathcruiser-10), one of the wings would have been clipped, there would be some kind of fire on board, the rudder would be jammed in addition to fuel starvation. It survived because of Airbus’s inherently better design.

  13. But he saed the lives of all the people on board! You know what it said on the video! It said that it was VERY RARE and he had not EVEN HEARD ABOUT IT! The pilot made very good descisions for saving the lives of everybody on board! YOU FOOL SHOULDNT JUDGE HIM LIKE THAT!

  14. sparkyohms1 says:

    the pilots belief system is warpt.he even mentions crusifiction.dont let bible believers operate airplanes!!!!!! only athiests with a scientific belief system should operate airplanes.this catastrophe is a perfect example of religious belief systems being the root cause of catastrophic events

  15. FranciT98 says:

    @Skybolter Seriously dude, if you don’t want to be taken as an idiot and an internet n00b, I’d reccomend switching caps lock off. Otherwise it ust SEEMS LIKE YOU’RE FREAKING SHOUTING ALL THE TIME LIKE SOME DOUCHE WITH ANGER MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS! I do not disagree with you at all (I’m neutral, your fight not mine), I’m just trying to help you communicate on the internet.

  16. notsureyou says:

    One engine already dies, yet the pilot still believes that the computer is partly faulty and that they will make it with fuel to spare…… without skipping ahead, I know he lands and there is no loss of life, but I hope he no longer is employed as a pilot.

  17. @machinejet What does circling to land have to do with the fact that the pilot did not close the crossfeed valves as indicated by the manual when a fuel leak was not ruled out, and by his co-pilot’s observations that it looked like a leak? A bad call is not excusable when the pilot had all the information to make the correct call. They’re trained and paid to make the correct call.BTW, saving passengers and crew does not count if it was your actions that put them in peril in the first place.

  18. machinejet says:

    @theknightlynews very easy for you to say sitting in your room. Plus, the plane had to circle several times because it was too high to land.Whether they made a mistake or not, they still saved 304 passengers and crew….

  19. @ilias2oo6 The pilot exercised very poor judgment and almost cost the lives of everyone on board. Had the island been a couple miles further away, they’d all be dead. The manual clearly states that a fuel leak has to ruled out before opening the crossfeed valves. There WAS a massive fuel leak and not only were the crossfeed valves opened, BUT they STAYED open for the rest of the flight WHILE the first officer was TELLING him it SURE looked like a FUEL LEAK!

  20. Flying with a fuel imbalance would not be a disaster. Flying with no fuel is. In light of that, it was a stupid decision of the captain not to err on the side of safety and close the crossfeed valve ESPECIALLY after all the calculations showed a fuel leak. For pete’s sake, that’s what being a captain is all about.

  21. Tanishq says:

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  22. Fernanda says:

    I sent in a letter to all of the boghus and to the City of London itself. Out of the many sent letters, I received a few auto-replies and have not heard anything from anyone. I will resubmit them in the very near future, though they appear to want to sweep these ongoing atrocities under the rug, rather, than to protect the UK’s young. I’ve re-posted it here in the states many times, the issue, and will continue to do so, as well, but it appears to me the American media is more interested in the events of the day in their own cozy homes, which is as much as a travesty of justice as the UK’s government response of no response.God forgive us all, as it is our duty as a free people to protect our women and children.

  23. Orkidea says:

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  24. Olivia says:

    (irignal post in moderation, so I chaengd one word that might have triggered the moderation )@sunny: I’ve noticed this difference between U.S. & international media coverage. U.S. media – more than its international counterparts – whether about politics/celebrities, tends to be narrower/shallower in scope, breadth, depth, more interested in gossip about private lives (esp. sex) than actual substance. I don’t know if U.S. Elle is underestimating its readership’s intelligence/interest in more than just Angelina’s private life. Whatever its motivation , it’s doing a disservice to the refugees, the UNHCR & Angelina – this might be part of why so many wrongly believe she’s doing refugee work only for the photo-ops and/or to change her h-word reputation.

  25. Dooyoung says:

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