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Air France Flight 4590 Concorde

Aviation, Disaster|14 Jul, 2012|103 Comments |
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The Concorde was the fastest passenger airline, yet these supersonic speeds made people question it’s safety. On July 25th 2000 Air France Flight 4590 went down killing all on board. But what caused this was it a design flaw or pilot error. This documentary tries to work out the details.

Air France Flight 4590 Concorde, 3.3 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Ars Saje says:

    And i warning all airplane passenger manufacturers that all airplanes must designed with Parachute for Emergency Landing. I am also poor aircraft and fly car designer. I have not own computer to design my Aircraft and fly car designs. I am computer science learned on graphic design and i am also a draftsman using Coreldraw, and Autocad. And i design aircraft wid parachute on Coreldraw. If you ask about my designs just email me at Thanks for this video. Now for me i clarified.

  2. Michael Saul says:

    This A/C was in a movie. In case you did NOT know

  3. That lady that got the footage of the Concorde would have got paid so much for it!

  4. ReconXPanzer says:

    Hmm, however surely it would’ve been safer to make an attempt to stop the Concorde on the runway instead of taking off and crashing? Or am I wrong I know V1 means the aircraft is moving to fast to stop before the runway ends V2 means its at a safe flying speed but still even trying to stop might have saved a few lives.

  5. This happened a day before my mom’s birthday and 3 days before mine

  6. The death of a Beautiful and amazing aircraft. D: It used to be my dream to fly a concord.

  7. Aww this horrible background music :( Isn’t there an Aircrash Investigation episode for the Concorde?

  8. jmitterii2 says:

    The only problem, can the be made profitable again? Fuel cost soaring, added weights with the kevlar lining, and fewer people able ever save up for such a flight. And all the few rich enough to fly it, usually have their own jets and would only fly it on rare occasions.

  9. E1craZ4life says:

    I think I would do the same thing.

  10. TheAerofans says:

    in 2010 a Continental airlines mechanic, John Taylor(he installed the titanium strip), was given a 15-month suspended prison sentence over the crash for involuntary manslaughter

  11. Yeah it had a history of death. Thank God they are almost all gone.

  12. 321FEDCBAX says:

    Had only the part inside engine 2 not failed, the Concorde would have taken off earlier than that **** DC-10.

  13. sarnieken says:

    Richard Branson offered to buy the fleet and bring it back to the skies but his offer was treated as a publicity stunt. Not sure they would look the same with the virgin logo on the tail, although I wouldn’t care if it meant we could see them flying again.

  14. RudyCooper1 says:

    what year was this documentary made?

  15. Upgrader01 says:

    makes sense, only 2 airlines operated Concorde

  16. On that flight, not ONE single passenger was French

  17. I hear the DC-10 has earned the nickname “Death Can”, for the sheer number of accidents it’s had. Furthermore, Air France 4590 & a near-miss over Japan between another DC-10 & a Boeing 747 (the latter would have been the worst air disaster ever had the 747′s crew not dove under the DC-10 at the last second) proves that a DC-10, as Probowler37 stated, can cause the demise of other planes (the Concorde, for instance). Due to this, I prefer DC-10′s successor model, the MD-11, to the DC-10 itself.

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