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Addicted to Plastic

Science|10 Aug, 2012|2 Comments |
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Plastic is one of the most consumed materials in the world. But this plastic does not biodegrade for millions of years. Addicted to Plastic tries to convey the life cycle of plastic by taking the viewer through a two year trip across the globe. We also see possible solutions of this mass source of pollution.

Addicted to Plastic, 4.3 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  1. Marthanan Bonelli says:

    Plastic is in Mcdonalds chicken Mcnuggets.Cheep toxic plastic Chinese toys with happy meal,and some plastic in your nuggets.Pink slime looks a little plasticy also.Yummy.

  2. bikesh1575 says:

    I am sick of plastic everywhere in our city. It makes our city so dirty. We have great vision pollution. Ban Plastic industry from the world.

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