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9-11 Best Documentary

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This is possibly the best documentary review of the events of the fateful day 9/11 2001 when the Trade Towers in New York were completely destroyed by what is believed to be a shocking terrorist attack.

You cannot fail to be moved by this documentary and after more than a decade the message is still as poignant as ever and I personally remember the day in my Operations Centre workplace when I witnessed the events of this tragic day on a full video wall in front of all the operators…all calls were treated differently when the realisation of the immense loss was becoming realised.

This documentary is one of many made surrounding the events of 9/11 and is an award winning documentary in it’s own right. The capture of the shocking footage of people having to throw themselves to their certain death will live with anyone seeing them forever.

Any documentary about such personal and global tragedy will be upsetting and traumatic but they need to be shown so that we and our children do not forget how vulnerable we all are.

We may wonder whether this was indeed a terrorist attack or some complex government conspiracy but the stark reality surrounds the tragic deaths of so many on this tragic day…if you wish to explore the search for the perpetrators of this then use this link.

You can find more relating to 9/11 at




9-11 Best Documentary , 3.1 out of 5 based on 24 ratings
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  1. Someone aware of basic logic. says:

    Hey, are any of you guys Egyptian?

    Cause you all in denial.

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    I agree with General Hercules. The link given by No2FluSHOTS is very good. Strange this site has a whole category on 911 yet not one of the Loose Change documentaries is present, let alone ‘Explosive Reality’, Ripple Effect or ’911 Eyewitness’

  3. general hercules says:

    this video is a zionist production….can you believe this guy trying to tell us that burning paper brought down the builings…..bullshit….now i got my doubts about this site hey

    • sir says:

      i agree completely. the way this person tried to “poetically” explain so much paper was able to ignite fire enough to cause building to collapse…not the momentum of a massive jet or anything but the spark of all the paper on that day cause it was so blah blah blah…disgusting…so damn disgusting

  4. No2FluSHOTS says:

    Eyewitness Dave you said that right. Watch “The North Tower Exploding” about halfway down the page at this link…

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